The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a multi-sectoral consultations with the Government stakeholders in the implementation of the Programme of Action adopted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for the years 2015-2025.

The OIC-2025: Programme of Action was developed on the basis of the vision and principles as enshrined in the Charter of the OIC and manifests a renewed commitment by the OIC Member States, all institutions in the OIC system, international partners and other stakeholders in working together for a better tomorrow. The purpose of today’s consultation was to provide an interactive dialogue with the key stakeholders on the activities to be carried out in the implementation of the goals of Programme of Action.

The Maldives became a member of OIC in 1976, a few years after its inception. The Maldives is fully committed in upholding the principles of the Charter of the Organisation and has been contributing immensely towards the unity and solidarity of the Islamic Ummah.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs