President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has inaugurated the harbor of Inguraidhoo, North Maalhosmadulu Atoll this morning.

During the ceremony, President Yameen unveiled the monument placed to commemorate the completion of the project.

Earlier today the President visited Innamaadhoo Island and inaugurated the island’s harbour.

During his current three-day visit, the President initiated the services of sewerage system in Alifushi Island, initiated the services of water and sewerage system in Hulhudhuffaaru Island and visited Ungoofaaru Island, and Dhuvaafaru Island yesterday.

The President is also scheduled to mark the completion of road development project in Meedhoo Island, inaugurate Maafaru Airport and harbour of the Island, and initiate the services of sewerage system, inaugurate clean water services, and mark the completion of shore protection project in Velidhoo Island.

As part of this tour, President Yameen is also scheduled to visit, Maduvvari Island and Kendhikulhudhoo Island.

Source: The President’s Office