The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host a temporary UK visa application centre in Male’ with the assistance of the Embassy of the United Kingdom to the Maldives. The Visa application service will be provided from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs on 07 and 08 August 2018 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry advises all applicants to complete the online appointment bookings and to make the visa payments before 1700 hrs on 6 August 2018. Please follow the below link to book an appointment.

The temporary visa application service is provided annually to assist all Maldivians who apply for long-term UK visas, especially the students who travel to the United Kingdom for further studies. The government is hopeful that this arrangement would ease the difficulties Maldivians face while applying for Visas in the UK and encourage all to make the best use of this opportunity.

The Government of Maldives is also grateful for the Government of United Kingdom for providing this service in the Maldives.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs