MPS Announce Further Developments in ongoing Investigations; Documentary Evidence Supporting Charges Found and Additional Arrests Made

Maldives Police Service today held the second major press conference further detailing the charges against several individuals for attempting to overthrow a legitimate government. Additional documentary evidence has been obtained during the course of the ongoing investigations and additional arrests have been made.

Initial Arrests Included;

1. Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
2. Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed
3. Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed Mohamed
4. Judicial Administrator at the Department of Judicial Administration Hassan Saeed Hussain

Further Arrests Include;

5. Ibrahim Siyad Qasim
6. Fathimath Nasira
7. Member of Parliament Ahmed Faris Maumoon
8. Member of Parliament Abdulla Sinan

The Police are additionally seeking Member of Parliament Ilham Ahmed.

Documentary Evidence Found Relating to the Case Includes:

1. Judicial Administrator at the Department of Judicial Administration Hassan Saeed Hussain;
 The Police have obtained documentary evidence of profiting from bribes

2. Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed Mohamed;
 The Police have found USD 215,000 and MVR 150,000 in a bag belonging to the Justice
 The Police confirmed that Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has in various ways aided the family of the Justice
 The Police have obtained documentary evidence of a purchase of a flat with money obtained from bribes
 The Police have confirmed that a prominent Maldivian business has loaned USD 2.4 million to the family of the Justice

Additionally, critical evidence and information crucial to the investigation has been recovered from a black suitcase which was removed from Endherimaage, Maafannu (the residence of Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom).

The Police have also obtained documentary evidence from the recently found suitcase that Ahmed Faris Maumoon attempted to influence the Judiciary.

The suitcase was retrieved from the home of an employee of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. This employee is currently in Police custody.

There is further documentary evidence that confirm suspects in this case have purchased expensive overseas properties that do not correspond to their legal incomes.

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